RenaultVisual identity

Renault Easy Connect


A clear & elegant visual vocabulary


Renault’s Easy Connect brand is a new generation mobility and connected services platform. A complete visual identity was needed for its launch.


The new identity adopts a global approach and communicates on the brand experience. Different visual communication pillars are used to promote the different connected services.
By offering a human centric approach, where the instant and well-being are stressed out, the existing communication is then completed.


This new visual identity is now part of Renault Easy Connect and has been fully integrated on every platform of the brand, worldwide.

Reinventing the iconographic language

An unique visual and shape vocabulary was imagined. The circular shaped pictures remind us the storytelling of a comic strip. The stories are those of the life moments that Renault Easy Connect services make possible.

Illustrations conveying fluidity and tranquility

The Renault Easy Connect visual identity focuses on illustration. Having different visual means enriches the communication with rhythm and didacticism.

Rich and clear interfaces

To support and to convey the intentions, a set of displays composed of illustrations, pictures and pictograms was also created.