Building a Human ExperienceOur augmented book on events trends

Building a Human Experience

Brand strategy - Event

Five trends, a book and an app to reconsider your approach of event making


When talking about events with our clients, most of their demands relate to building innovative brand experiences. What expects the audience? How can we transform their experience, to make it unique, shareable, responsible? How can you go beyond producing an event, to build iconic brand experiences ? we shared our point of view.


We realised 10 interviews from major actor of the eco-system —brands, creative studios and agencies, lead 2 qualitative studies among two panels of 300 persons each, published an augmented book on 2019 event trends, where we could express our key findings and offer exclusive content available thanks to an home-made AR app. Our bias? Brand experiences start when you build human experiences.


We presented our keynote to 1000+ marketers and creatives. This 272 pages book was printed in a limited number of 1000 copies. The app was released on iOS and Android, and was downloaded more than 80 times.